Sonflower Ranch Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Fundraising Event

  • 15445 Powhaton Rd., Brighton, CO, , 80603
  • Sat, Sep 15, 2018
  • 11:00 AM
  • Live only

Description :

For any displaced living being or animal there will be a need for assistance from others. These displacements can evolve from many situations such as infestations, destruction of homes or nests and even worse would be the loss of parents to create orphans. Rehabilitation centers are key links to giving the best chance of survival for the displaced.These unselfish acts provided by licensed Rehabber’s provide the best level of success. They provide long hours for their care and dip into their own treasures to fund this great service. Donations are common and greatly needed to continue funding incubators, medicine, food and cages. Once the displaced beings are healthy and strong, they then face the next step in their journey, the release back into the wild. This release is vital in allowing the wild animal live out a more natural existence and thus help sustain the delicate eco system. Please join us at our fundraiser event and enjoy our silent and live auction. Help us help them.

Terms/Conditions :

Cash, Check, and Credit Cards accepted.  100% of the funds raised at this event will support the organization and their mission.  This is an absolute auction for fundraising purposes.

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